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There are entrepreneurs and there are true entrepreneurs.

In business, the true entrepreneur always has an advanced set of skills that sets him or her apart from the rest. These one-of-a-kind traits make him achieve more than the average businessman and thus he can still manage to do things that he needs to do and could even spare the time to fully experience more of what life has to offer. A true entrepreneur, in a sense, is living a balanced life.

Having the required skill-set that lends to success is a given. The true entrepreneur should likewise possess the requisite characteristics of an entrepreneur, which should include the one trait that could spell the difference between success and failure: Perseverance.

Perseverance is defined as the steadfast pursuit of an objective. It is synonymous to persistence, determination, resolution, firmness, staying power, endurance. A true entrepreneur knows that when he or she is just starting out, there will always be challenges and obstacles that will get in the way to making it big in the business. Thus, it is the persevering entrepreneur that carries on until the end that truly stays in and ahead of the game.

So, what makes for a persevering entrepreneur?

There Are Just Two Things To Remember.

#1. Failure Is Part of the Picture

A true entrepreneur has to fail at first in order for him to succeed.

A true characteristic of an entrepreneur is that you just don’t get it the first time! There will always be trials and errors, hits and misses. Having this mindset will actually shape you to think that there will always be a better way to do things. It’s true that sometimes this may seem like a cliché or a sourgrape lament for failing. Miki Agrawal

But come to think of it, even the first American President Abraham Lincoln had to fail countless times before people realized his greatness. In the field of basketball, Michael Jordan had to endure a number of defeats before he rose up to the title of his “royal airness” and probably one of the best NBA players ever.

What’s similar between Lincoln and Jordan is that they just didn’t give up. They just kept on and on and ceaselessly tried so hard and didn’t lose faith! They looked at failure as an ally, a time-tested friend that shapes them into the perfect versions of themselves. The true entrepreneur knows that all good things come to those who wait. Expected results don’t come in an instant. The true essence of a persevering entrepreneur is knowing that at the right time, success will eventually unfold.

#2. A Sacrifice Is Offered

With the time you will be spending working and the new things you will be learning, everything from start to finish can be considered as a sacrificial offering of yourself especially your time.

You may be needed to shun some social activities that you have been used to in order for you to fuel the need for your business to get going. At times, you will have to be there 24/7 and lose sleep especially in the initial stages of your business. You may even have to shell out more money that you would have expected and couldn’t see profits or rewards immediately.

Here’s one advice a true entrepreneur follows: Take the delay of gratitude test.

In this test, the true entrepreneur knows that the longer he or she delays the great feeling of reaping the rewards, the bigger the rewards will ultimately be.

Failure and sacrifice aren’t really nice-sounding words to remember, is it? But these are just the words that a true entrepreneur knows to be what he should undergo in his quest to success.


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