Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

Mobile commerce has now really established itself in the online shopping industry and proved itself as a really profitable model for merchants, so how can affiliate marketing techniques to be applied to it? The answer is not simple and there are many moving pieces to this challenge. It is the time, for publishers and advertisers to work together in order to make mobile commerce more successful and trustworthy, While it is still in its beginning stage.

When it comes to mobile commerce and the affiliate marketing channel, these are the five areas that can’t be neglected

1. Tracking: The base of any affiliate marketing program is tracking. However, suppliers cannot assume, that tracking status provided by the affiliate network will automatically function on a mobile website. It may need a separate installation of tracking code and could need technical resources.

Therefore, they need to create the affiliate channel part of the overall launch plan of any mobile commerce initiative. The best argument for showing priority for the affiliate channel is that marketers will target traffic to you once your mobile-optimized website is in place.

2. Know Your Consumers: Many shoppers are getting more comfortable buying from a variety of categories and cellular phone gadgets. Additionally, the path to purchase has never been more non-linear.

Understanding what your customers are purchased for and from what device will inform your marketing strategy. More specifically, it can help close the sale and generate brand reconsideration. The key to increasing your conversion rate is in knowing when to push offers to certain publishers who are optimized for certain gadgets.

3. New Partnerships: The ongoing innovation is the one reason that affiliate marketing can be so attractive to retailers. Many publishers these days are already testing mobile commerce applications, websites and techniques.

Retailers do need is a website that is optimized for mobile devices, they don’t have to recreate the wheel. Any merchant these days with a mobile friendly website that provides an excellent customer experience and a good conversion rate will find lots of new publishers that are looking for partners.

Most significantly, when it comes to mobile commerce, publishers are excellent source of information. They will gladly tell the merchant what they need to do to be effective in mobile, because they want to earn.

4. Point-to-Point Shopping Experience: Point-to-point shopping experience is what a successful affiliate marketing strategy for mobile commerce take into action. Mobile optimized advertiser’s website needs a publisher’s website or application designed for mobile commerce. BNPL

The customer will leave the merchant’s site with disappointment if he lands on a desktop site after having a great experience on the publisher’s site, then no one makes any money.

Smart publishers will analyze point-to-point user experience from multiple gadgets to ensure that the customer can check out. Advertisers that get this right these days will endear themselves to mobile focused marketers and can turn that into a competitive advantage.

5. Information Feed and Mobile Commerce: Advertisers should talk to their publishers about what they need in an information feed enhanced for mobile commerce.

Information feeds are increasingly important and the requirements for mobile websites and applications are different. Allow your publisher to customize your feeds for their needs and make it sure you have all the necessary areas to generate conversions.

It’s clear that when marketers and technologists discover new ways to create the most of this mobile commerce, more business possibilities will present themselves.

However, advertisers that wait too long to institution an affiliate marketing strategy for mobile commerce might be at a disadvantage, given the speed at which this market is changing and as the Easter holiday shopping season is around the corner.


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